UCC Rowing Club has built up a good range of equipment over the last few years.

We are always looking to add to our long-term equipment so that we can continue to progress and so our athletes have the best resources possible.

Also the more equipment we have, the more athletes we can facilitate in sessions. This is particularly important at the Novice stage when numbers can be very high.

Currently we have the following equipment available:

Ergos (Rowing Machines)

  • The club owns a number of Ergos and Ergo equipment which is stored in the Mardyke Arena where there is a studio available to use it

Launches (Motor-Boats)

  • We have launches available for use by coaches at the weekends.
  • These are stored at the National Rowing Centre


  • UCC Rowing Club like the other college clubs can make use of the College Van or Jeep for transporting athletes or boats


  • We have a good number of Novice training boats where the beginners can learn to row together
  • We have an up-to-date fleet of racing boats which the Inters and Seniors use regularly.